End Of Tenancy Cleaning Fulham, SW6

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - During CleaningIf your tenancy is coming to an end you would want to clean the place as good as possible in order to receive back your full deposit. The end of tenancy cleaning is a chore which requires you to perform a thorough and detailed cleansing of the entire property, leaving it spotless and dirt-free.

Best London Cleaners offers to undertake the cleaning of your old rental place and make up for years of nonprofessional cleaning care. You can count on our technicians to make the best out of your cleaning situation and earn you back the full sum of your deposit- before all, we are a reliable, trustworthy and extremely professional, our cleaning is suitable to all residents of Fulham SW6.

Our cleaners are extremely well-prepared for any surprises that the property might throw at us. They are fast, adequate and very diligent- they will make sure that any area of your choosing, located within the property, receives the utmost best care possible.

Cleaning Service Price
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Studio from £89 per flat
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Flat With One Bedroom from £145 per flat
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Flat With Two Bedrooms from £165 per flat
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Flat With Three Bedrooms from £189 per flat

Tenancy Cleaners Fulham

A thorough cleaning process followed by a disinfection and sanitizing will make any room flawlessly clean and ready for the next tenants to come. Our end of tenancy cleaning service in Fulham, SW6, is also preferred by many landlord and proprietors.

They rely on our skills and capabilities to make the rooms they are renting out look as clean as possible. The treatment that we provide is completely harmless and does not leave any signs of previous inhabitance or treting with chemical substances, which we avoid completely.

The most thorough and effective end of tenancy cleaners in Fulham are at your service any week and weekend day of the week.

Best London Cleaners’s end of tenancy cleaning service includes the following cleaning tasks:

  • Dusting and wiping off stains on shelves, cabinets, drawers, wardrobes, skirting boards etc. Mind that all of these cleanings occur both on the inside and the outside and it is very important that you move most of your stuff prior to our cleaners arrival.
  • Cleaning of light fittings, switches, door knobs, handles and even the tiny places around the door frame.
  • Cleaning of the windows, mirrors and glass-like objects from the inside.
  • Shampooing, sanitizing and the carpets and rugs, as well as mopping and vacuuming all floor coverings.
  • Wash, clean (deep-clean) kitchen appliances, cupboards and counters from the inside out
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom area. Removing of lime-scale and mold.
  • Deep cleaning is possible and available for any room located within the property.

End Of Tenancy CleanerThe work of our technicians is very thorough and precise. You can count on us completely to make any area of your old rental property totally renewed and fresh.

Any type or form of dirt will be treated accordingly and removed until the perfect end results have been achieved. Moreover, we have supplied our cleaners with the best cleaning equipment available on the market- it coupled with the enhanced capabilities of our cleaners will sure make any dirt, stain or dust vacate your property.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Bathroom CleaningThe cleaning Best London Cleaners will provide for you will earn you back your deposit undoubtedly and make your moving our process smoother and certainly way nicer.

Do not worry over whether you may lose your deposit- if you employ us to clean the property, you are guaranteed to get it all back and part ways with your proprietor without unnecessary hassle.

All tenants, landlords or state agents in Fulham, SW6, are more than welcome to call our company and schedule their deep, thorough cleanings with us- all you need to do is give us a call, we will take care of the rest.

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    What is included in our tenancy Fulham cleaning

    Bedroom and Common areas

    • Hoover and mop floors
    • Wipe the inside and outside of windows and ledges
    • Polish mirrors and glass surfaces
    • Wash working surfaces
    • Sanitize handles, knobs, light switches


    • All cupboards and drawers cleaned from every side
    • Clean the interior and exterior of every big or small appliance
    • Remove grime from the extractor
    • Remove lime scale from sinks and taps
    • Degrease wall tiles

    Bathroom and Toilet

    • Remove hard water deposits from sinks, taps and shower head
    • Scrub floor and wall tiles
    • Sanitize and disinfect shower cubicles, bath-tubs, toilets and bidets
    • Wipe inside/outside of cabinets
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