End Of Tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon SW19

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - During CleaningWe are a professional cleaning service and we provide amazing end of tenancy cleaning services and a large varieties of other type of cleanings all over Wimbledon SW19. We can deliver the most perfect, impeccable end results on your rented property and secure back the full amount of your deposit.

Our cleaning technicians have restored many properties over Wimbledon SW19 – tenants, landlord and proprietors all seek our professional assistance, for we are the best out there. We have been successful in cleaning off stubborn stains of different origin without hurting or damaging the surface at all.

You can rest assured that all of our cleaning equipment and materials have passed tests proven their safe, yet effective use. None of them are outdated or dangerous in any way- despite our policy not to use chemically-influenced cleaning materials we always account for the best end results possible.

Cleaning Service Price
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Studio from £89 per flat
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Flat With One Bedroom from £145 per flat
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Flat With Two Bedrooms from £165 per flat
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Flat With Three Bedrooms from £189 per flat

Tenancy Cleaners Wimbledon

We guarantee for our technicians validity and diligence. They are entirely capable of performing a thorough, detailed cleaning that leaves the rental property clean as a whistle and your landlord happy and satisfied. We have worked with many different landlord and proprietors and we do know what appeals to them most when checking up the end of tenancy cleaning on a property.

Our knowledge, both general knowledge, which is tightly connected to the housing agencies, and knowledge of the cleaning process will make your property looking splendid for the upcoming inspection.

All the grime, dust, dirt, stains and spots of any kind will be treated accordingly. We will not disappoint you, on the contrary, we will satisfy and exceed your expectations for what your property would like after professionally cleaned.

End Of Tenancy CleanerOver the years we have handled many and different properties. Some of our previous customers thought certain stains won’t ever come out and that they will surely cost them their deposits, but we have proven them wrong. Our techniques and methods for removing stubborn, harsh stains are explicit- they are a part of a years-old tradition, which we proudly follow to this day.

No better way to ensure the full return of your deposit and the shining, stunning cleanliness of your rented property.

With our end of tenancy cleaning service in Wimbledon SW19 your deposit is in good, capable hands. We will do anything within our range of power, however wide it is, to chase out all dirt and erase any signs of previous inhabitance.

What is included in our tenancy Wimbledon cleaning

Bedroom and Common areas

  • Hoover and mop floors
  • Wipe the inside and outside of windows and ledges
  • Polish mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Wash working surfaces
  • Sanitize handles, knobs, light switches


  • All cupboards and drawers cleaned from every side
  • Clean the interior and exterior of every big or small appliance
  • Remove grime from the extractor
  • Remove lime scale from sinks and taps
  • Degrease wall tiles

Bathroom and Toilet

  • Remove hard water deposits from sinks, taps and shower head
  • Scrub floor and wall tiles
  • Sanitize and disinfect shower cubicles, bath-tubs, toilets and bidets
  • Wipe inside/outside of cabinets

All of our employees have been licensed and possess the necessary certificates- we are fully legal and ready for a challenge! Renewing properties is what we do best, call us and get an immediate estimate!

  • You will get the best, most professional cleaning treatment available all throughout Wimbledon SW19.
  • All our company’s staff consists of trained professionals with degrees and licenses- your satisfaction and that of your landlord are more than guaranteed.
  • Our working schedule is wide and very flexible. It can very well coincide with your daily routine and plans.
  • All cleaning machinery, tools and equipment are being brought along from our cleaning technicians- you have nothing left to worry about when our company is on board with the end of tenancy cleaning chore.

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    End of Tenancy Cleaning Services – Wimbledon SW19

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Bathroom CleaningCleaning all surfaces and in the same time providing satisfying and perfect end results is a hard to thing to do when you are a nonprofessional cleaner and working alone.

    Have our company carry out the whole end of tenancy cleaning process for you.

    We will have the place looking splendid clean in hours and you won’t have to do a thing! Count on us to step in and make wonders with the place!

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